Something I found interesting.

I was reading the IDS today at work and I came across an article that I found intriguing. The article’s title was “Genderless Jesus” telling the readers that the Scottish Episcopal Church has decided to describe the Christian God not as male but as a genderless entity. I am not religious at all but I thought that this topic was very interesting. I had never really thought about how masculine the Bible was until now.  Even the term “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” has a masculine dominant undertone. There are almost no powerful women throughout the whole bible. The authors of the Bible itself were all men. All of this showing how much more power men exerted over women.

                The article went on to cite examples from the Bible that by showing God as a man and since God is the assumed to be the highest power have made it possible for men to have more power over women.  If you think about it, it’s true. As a women it makes me feel more respected that the church is finally making a small step towards equality between genders.

                I know that this article does not deal with transsexual issues specifically but I thought that it was an interesting example of what we were talking about the other day with gender norms. Part of me believes that because God has been viewed as a man it has led to a gender norm that men should naturally be stronger than women. And because of quotes in the Bible like “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you ,” from Genesis 3:16 women have been presumed to be less powerful and more submissive. It makes me wonder what percentage of the gender norms we deal with on a daily basis have stemmed from religion or more specifically the Bible.

                This article asks the question, “Is the church biting off more than it can handle?” And in my opinion I would have to say yes, they are. If anyone thinks that they can make all of the Christian religion genderless they will have their hands full attempted to achieve this for years to come. I do agree that any step towards gender equality in the church is a great, step and I think that people should continue to work towards totally equality. Hopefully one day the church achieves this.


One response to “Something I found interesting.

  1. Hi Meghan — well done to be the first person to post something comprehensive. This is an interesting paradox. Do you have the link to the original IDS article? I think you’re right: the idea of God having a gender is *quite* important to (most?) Christians, and I wonder how much controversy this decision will meet with.

    If this illustrates how important the gender binary is in the world, I wonder if you can expand on how gender variant people might meet with difficulties in that world? (This is so that you keep on topic — I want you to try to focus as much as possible on gender variant topics.)

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