Required reading week 1. Hale.

Throughout this article Jacob Hale simply lays down the ground rules for Non-transsexuals to write about transsexuality. The list of guidelines he gives the reader is 15 items long. The first rule he gives to us is to approach the subject with humility which I think is a very solid rule for us. I am not an expert about transsexuals I don’t ever want to seem like I think I am.

The second point Hale makes I take to mean that we should take into account information that might make our opinion bias. This would include issues that deal with court rulings and such. This point is really interesting because before reading this I wouldn’t have even realized to do this. It is good to keep this in mind while writing. We all need to keep an open mind and realize that there is more information that we need to take into account when making statements about transsexuality. This is a good point to keep in mind when writing about any current issue that has more than one view point.

Another rule Hale talks about is that we should be careful that we don’t lump transsexuals into a group. I feel like this is a basic rule of life as well. You wouldn’t want to group any demographic of people into one group. For instance we would never group a race of people into one group. People should never make a statement about an entire group of people. Everyone has their own personality and everyone is different. Because everyone is different everyone’s experiences are different too. What may be a correct statement for half of a group of people may be completely false for the other half of the group.

Hale also tells us not to “uncritically quote non-transsexual experts.” Basically what he is saying is that you should take everything you read with a grain of salt. Hale is making the point that we take what we read in other realms of life with a grain of sand we should do the same when quoting non-transsexual experts. This also is a basic rule of life no one should ever quote an author’s word as set in stone.

I feel like many of Hale’s rules for non-transsexuals to use when writing about transsexuality are rules that people should try to live by always. A lot of what Hale says is cultural norms for writing about any minority. You should not generalize a statement about any group of people. A lot of people look at something that is different than they are and it scares them. They make these statements about ALL of them and I believe it’s because they don’t understand the group. If they would take the time to get to know more about those that they didn’t understand they would not be as likely to make broad statements about the entire group.

See y’all in class..


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