Lucy transitioning- helpful & encouraging documentary!

“Lucy Teen Transsexual in Thailand” – BBC 3 documentary (Part 1 includes explicit images of a surgery)

Lucy is a teenage from england. She was born as Richard. She realized during puberty that she was a Trans She believed that her parents and friends would disown her. Lucy especially found it hard to tell the male member of her family. Lucy started to grow and dye her hair along with buying feminine clothes. She changed her name and began to live as a woman.

Lucy went to a leading (SR) sex reassignment surgeon to see if she could construct a vagina out of her male genitalia. Lucy didn’t feel comfortable with her mother in the room and felt extremely uncomfortable even looking at her male genitalia. She was approved but then had to get approval from psychiatrists to make sure that she wouldn’t regret it after the surgery was completed. The process was pretty extensive.

Lucy then went on to start the next stage which was breast augmentation. Her skin was very tight so she had to have her breasts inflated over a few weeks. She began researching the last stage of her transformation. Lucy’s mother was unable to go to Thailand due to work commitments so she took her Grandfather and Uncle.

Lucy decides to go with a doctor in Thailand. Her surgeon performs around 4 SRS operations a week and arpox. 50 a year are UK patients. Lucy is asked key questions such as whether cosmetics, sensation or depth are more important. Lucy is cleared by the Thai Surgeon for the operation.

Lucy has many worries and feels isolated, lost and scared with about 2 days from surgery. But she reaffirms that she knows it’s the right decision. Her Grandfather and Uncle are very supportive throughout the transition but all she wants is her mother by her side. Lucy did not sleep that much the night before the operation and declares that she just wants it done and over with. She refers to her male genitalia as ‘an emotional distress’.

Part five of the documentary shows parts of the SR surgery. The surgery took over 5 hours and is now 100% a woman. Lucy is in immense pain after the surgery and can barely speak. Every 15 mins for the next 24 hours Lucy is checked in on as there are many possible health problems after the surgery. Lucy expects her grandfather and uncle to be by her side for the rest of the month but they had their money stolen from them and have to break the news to Lucy that she will be alone for the rest of the recovery time.

The day after the surgery she feels the full effects of the surgery. She is now able to look at the lower part of her body and not feel distress. She jokes about sexual intercourse and remains upbeat! Her grandfather & Uncle tell Lucy break the story about their money being stolen and realizes she has to go through the rest of the process on her own. 5 days post operation and Lucy will get to see her post op genitalia. Having the dressing removed is very painful due to the swelling.

Lucy cries declaring that she is the happiest she has been in her whole life so far. ‘i think im just going to be sat here on cloud nine’. Lucy is allowed to shower in part 6 which means it will be the first time that she gets to walk with female genitals. She describes how her movement felt different and how it is to walk as a woman. She could feel the weight below lifted from her ‘shoulders’.

After 7 days of forced bed rest and no visitors she becomes bored and the days feel longer. Lucy is now able to use the toilet without the catheter ‘going to the toilet felt right’. Lucy is now allowed to leave the hospital but must stay in a hotel in Thailand for 3 weeks. A member of the surgeons staff will show Lucy how to insert a dilater in to her self Twice a day for an hour at a time for 6 months. This is to prevent the internal wall of the vagina from healing up (part 6 shows this process). Lucy realizes that she has to spend 21 days on her own and is inconsolable. All that she wants is to be home and show her parents how happy she is. After 21 days she travels home and meets her mother at the airport as just Lucy.

I thought this documentary was immensely informative. I really enjoyed this documentary. It gave me a better understanding of the process, the surgery, the recovery and the emotional issues that go along with making this decision. It is more than just a ‘sex change’ its mini life changing events over the course of a month that will change the rest of her life. I hope that this post will educate people and maybe help anyone that is either thinking about transitioning or who has transitioned and needs the support and understanding of someone who has been through the SR surgery.


2 responses to “Lucy transitioning- helpful & encouraging documentary!

  1. I agree that this documentary is incredibly moving. I have seen bits and pieces of it on BBC but not its entirety, so thanks for sharing.

    It is one thing to read about stories of people transitioning and imagine what they are going though; it’s entirely another thing to actually see this person on their journey and watch a part of their lives that is so private. Lucy is insanely brave for allowing this documentary to happen. I can’t imagine how many lives have been touched by seeing it.

  2. I agree. I cannot imagine anything in my life that could ever requre so much bravery. This documentary is extremely informational and moving. I even shared it with a friend in the social work school, and he thought it was really interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!

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