Michigan transgendered teen denied homecoming crown

This is a story that was published today about a teenager in Michigan. Oakleigh Reed (which is an awesome name, on a personal note) is a 17-year old female to male transgender student. He has began to dress in accordance with his change, wearing looser jeans and polos to school.  According to Reed, the school was very accommodating with his choices since, he is planning on wearing a men’s cap and gown during graduation, and they let him wear a men’s band uniform. However, when Reed decided to run for homecoming king, the principal withdrew his ballot.

Reed stated that he came up with the idea to run on a whim, and promoted it on facebook. It became clear quickly that he was in the lead. When the principal got wind of that, she took his name off of the ballot. Because Reed was enrolled in the school system as a female, it disqualified him from the competition.

Reeds mother was outraged. Oakleigh should have crowned king, because that is what the votes tallied. As of now, the school board has not changed their mind about the subject. Superintendent Todd Geerlings said that “ the issue was simple and that a boy had to be king and a girl had to be queen.” However, a large amount of students are trying to get Oakleigh to push the issue, and have even started a facebook fanpage promoting it.


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