Barbie & The Transgender Movement

While researching for my blog post I came across an interesting piece written by Jake Tapper for ABC news. The article discusses how members of the conservative Christian group, Concerned Women for America, claim that the Mattel Company, specifically the Barbie doll brand is apart of what CWA calls “the transgender movement”.  As appalled as I was by CWA’a explanation of their accusation, I thought it was important to focus on this article, in order to give an example of just one of the hardships, like negative publicity, that gender variant individuals deal with on a daily basis.

The reason that the group CWA was so concerned about Barbie being involved in the “transgender movement” was because on the official Barbie doll website a demographic poll asks the persons that visit the site their age, and sex.

I’ve included a picture of the poll here.

The age choices were between 4 and 8, and the persons are given three options for gender choices; I am a boy, I am a girl, and I don’t know.

The director of CWA’a Culture and Family Institute, Bob Knight believes that the “transgender movement” directly influences these gender questions created by Mattel.

Knight continues to claim that the Web site’s agenda is to promote “bisexuality gender confusion”, which is “very dangerous “.

Mattel spokeswoman Lauran Bruksch states that the poll was just a “innocent oversight”, and that the questionnaire has always tried to be neutral, and also have a no response question. After the protests by CWA, Mattel “fixed” the website changing the final gender choice from “I don’t know” to “I don’t want to say”.


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