West Lafayette Is Moving Forward

The West Lafayette City Council has approved to insure non-discrimination based on veteran’s status and gender identity or expression. The city joined Bloomington and Indianapolis in rejecting discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Hoosiers through local human rights ordinances. The motion was supported by Councilor Ann Hunt and Mayer John R. Dennis. Charlie Shook, the chair of the West Lafayette Human Rights Commission, maintained that the push for approval was a community-wide effort, and he claims that this local legislation proves that West Lafayette is an “inclusive, safe, and diverse community.” This resolution provides protection to education, employment, access to public conveniences and accommodations, and acquisition through purchase or rental of real property.  

This resolution is truly a step in the right direction. It demonstrates the power of community leaders in overcoming discrimination. This piece of legislation not only concentrates in employment discrimination, but it adds security for other important social spheres. Furthermore, it provides a foundation to gender variant individuals to pursue discrimination cases.

Congratulations to the city of West Lafayette for your improvements in equality! Most can agree that the legislation is long over-due, but its approval signifies a better future. No person should be denied life or sustenance based on how they identify themselves. Period. Hopefully, these three cities will set an example for other areas of the state, and the country, to create antidiscrimination acts.

It is important to note that the Boilers are far behind the Hoosiers! GO IU!



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