GLBTQ Campaigns! Including ‘It Gets Better’ – Dan Savage

It Gets better!!

Recently there has been a lot of coverage about the deaths of boys due to homophobic abuse. Six in the last few months have sparked pleas from individuals such as Ellen and also from writers. Dan Savage is a well known writer who in this case is reaching out to LGBT teenagers. This article was posted on the website. It includes a campaign video that is meant to let teenagers know that life is hard growing up being ‘different’ but it does ‘get better’.

This first video includes Dan’s husband. The couple talk about growing up as gay teenagers. I felt this video to be especially important as this campaign was influenced by the death of 15 year old teenager Billy lucas. Hopefully everyone will enjoy and let me know what you think. Dan also comments that he hopes that readers and viewers of the article and video will pass on the video and help with the awareness of bullying and homophobia.

Tim Gunn responds to the ‘It Gets better’ campagin. He shares that he, himself thought about killing himself.

After watching a lot of the podcasts produced by Dan Savage I am recommending readers to go to youtube and type in his name and watch a few of them. He seems like a very fair writer and entertainment pundit. I also posted his column ‘Savage Love’

When researching Dan Savage i came across one of his blogs about Sham marriages. This video was attached. It makes the banning of gay marriage seem laughable. It was highly entertaining and put everything into perspective for me. How would jews like it if the world banned them from going to synagoges and declared that they had the same rights as everyone else but they had to go to the christian church. Its the same realm of thinking. Take a look:

Here is the link to the itgetsbetterproject channel.



2 responses to “GLBTQ Campaigns! Including ‘It Gets Better’ – Dan Savage

  1. I loved Tim Gunn’s video and found it deeply moving. But I’ve felt quite cynical about the “It Gets Better” campaign as a whole. I wonder if Dan Savage talking about getting a cute husband and starting a family will really resonate with queer and trans kids, especially those who are poor, people of color who can’t ever imagine having an affluent, middle-class life. I’d be interested to know what you all think.

  2. Yeah i kind of agree. It sounds like…just hang in there…keep your head low…find someone else to fill your life with happiness and it will all be ok. I know focusing on the positives is a good thing but its almost like hes sending the message- suck it up- it is how it is- when no- one should have to go through what so many are going through.

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