The Bloomington Beacon

I found this wesbtie that is a resource for people in Bloomington and also in Southern Indiana in relaton to Trans issues.

It gives information on:

1. Passing

2. Hormones

3. Health

4. Surgery (info & results)

5. Surgeons

6. legal issues

7. Community groups

8. National Organizations

9. Activism

10. Events & conferences

11. Trans Elders

12. Trans Violence

13. Domestic Violence

14. General or Faith specific Spiritual Resources

15. Genderqueer specific resources

16. Two-Spirit Resources

17. Crossdresser specific resources

18. Trans Youth

19. Friends, Family & Ally information

20. Intersex resources

The site has an abundance of information. It could be useful to anyone interested in Trans, individuals going through transitioning, indidviuals post op and even usefully topics for this G205 class blog.


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