Thomas Beatie, America’s “Pregnant Man”

Thomas Beatie

As Americans, most of us are probably familiar with Thomas Beatie, the 29-year-old that has transitioned from  female to male, who also just happens to have children; that he birthed, not his wife.

America was taken by storm with news of this couple in 2008. It seemed everyone had an opinion, whether it be “Good for them!” or “You’re going to hell!”; regardless the “pregnant man” was in the news everywhere. When this topic came out, I was disturbed by how stigmatized Thomas and his wife were as some sort of sideshow freak act. They were a young couple, in love, creating and raising a family, what was so odd about that? But America loves the “weird” and “unknown” and pushed this couple into the limelight to show them off in the media pawning them as freaks of nature. Below is the article of the birth story of their first daughter, born June 29th 2008.

The second article below is with Barbara Walters four months after the birth of their daughter when the Beaties have found that they are expecting a second child.

Thomas was born female, as Tracy, and transitioned to female officially at 22 when he had a double mastectomy. He opted out of a  phalloplasty, leaving his female sex organs intact because he said he didn’t deem it necessary to be a man. This allowed him to legally transform to Thomas, although the process was not easy. He was required to go through psychological evaluation as well as prove that he did indeed have sexual reassignment surgery.

Once legally identified as male, he married his wife Nancy and they decided to start a family together. After being denied by 9 different doctors for help they took insemination into their own hands, as it states in the article. Nancy inseminated Thomas with donor sperm purchased over the internet and some time later they had a positive pregnancy test.

Later in their story and after the birth of their daughter, they still have struggles. Constant hate mail and death threats great them in the mail every day and they have to be very conscious of their surroundings when they are out in public.

There was even an issue with their daughter’s birth certificate. They Beatie’s wished to have Nancy listed as the mother and Thomas the father, but state law prohibited it arguing that the individual that gave birth to the child must be listed as the mother. The Beaties complained and had the decision overturned.

In the end however, the Beaties describe themselves as a normal heterosexual couple. Thomas considers himself Susan’s father and Nancy her mother. Nancy even nurses their daughter with her own breast milk. Somehow  America cannot wrap their minds around this possibility.

I applaud the Beaties for coming into the limelight and making America think twice about what it means to be and CREATE a family. I applaud them for risking their privacy and lives for awareness and equality for all. I certainly hope that they did it for the right reasons and not simply for the fame. I know that they must be inspiration to others around the world. And maybe with being the first, they will encourage others gain the courage to follow suit.


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