Transgender Immigration…Why so difficult?


The transgender community faces more difficulty in this world than ever imagined. A person has to work twice as hard to not only go from place to place, but prove who they are constantly. I found this article interesting because transgender people are face many problems when they are traveling or are wanting to move to a new place. In my Human Sexuality class, we had a trans woman come speak to us. She talked about her previous life of being male and how she traveled all over the world but now it was increasingly difficult because of her knew identity.

Traveling and always having to go through struggles of proving identity through birth certificates, passports, and identification cards could get exhausting. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has somewhat prepared to allow transgender people to become citizens by obtaining a “green card” or naturalization document, sometimes requiring for the individual to have had sex reassignment surgery. This is not the only way of documentation however. The government is taking into consideration marriages that include a transgender as long as the marriage was legal at a specified time and date. The transgender individual would then be able to obtain citizenship by a marriage-based green card (Immigration Equality).

The government should not be held accountable for anything. The officials often go back on what they say even if it is written among documents. By this I am agreeing with the article that “officials continue to misapply the law.”  This article and company are good for any trans individual that is trying to find their rights and protections among the United States policies. One thing that is important to note is that a person whom is feeling another country because of discrimination purposes is eligible to be considered a refugee and live in the United States in the theory of asylum where they are protected with different and specific rights (Immigration Equality).

For any person that is trying to find a balanced lifestyle and escape to a place that they hope is beneficial for them, the U.S. is beginning to transition into the difficult topics that need to be discussed. I was not very informed on the Trans Immigration policy of this country, but I am now interested to see how everything works out for these people. Again, I could not imagine the difficulties one would face in having to explain their identity on a daily basis and let others understand that they are who they are and documentation is often hard to prove that.

“Immigration Equality – 1.3 Issues – Transgender Issues.” Gay Immigration – Official Immigration Equality Site – Formerly Lesbian Gay Immigration Rights Task Force LGIRTF. Web. 15 Oct. 2010. <;


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