The Gender Photo Project

Browsing the internet, I came across a photography project I thought would be interesting to post here. It is called the Gender Photo Project, and it is an ongoing photo project about gender identity and gender expression.

The participants of this project consist of men, women, transgender, transmen, transwomen, etc. The FAQ of the project states that most of the participants of this project identity as being transmen, transwomen, transvestites, and transgender. However, participation in this project is open to everyone. blogger Stana met a photographer working on The Gender Photo Project at the Fantasia Fair and described the photographers as very obliging to take your photo if you are willing to be photographed. In order to participate, participants must submit their name, age, location, and a brief statement about how they see themselves in terms of gender identity. To date, 120 people form 18 countries have participated, ranging in age from 17 to 76 years old.

The project is not finished, and it is expected to showcase its final results in 2010 or 2011. The final output will be exhibited online, and the creators of the project are hoping to publish the photographs in a book as well.

I found The Gender Photo Project to be a very interesting project about gender identity, diversity, and expression. The photos are taken on a minimalist black background using a small portable studio set up. The simple background draws the viewer’s attention to the participant, and the participant’s gender expression becomes the subject of the photograph.

The images can be viewed online by navigating the website to the “gallery” link. Under each of the photographs is the participant’s first name and country of origin. Many of the participates come from Germany, as the project originally started in Berlin, Germany, in 2008.

There is a huge breadth of diversity in the images. There are young people, old people, and people in a variety of attire. The variety in gender expression is refreshing to see, and each of the portraits are beautifully and respectfully presented. It is fascinating to see the diversity in the ways in which people physically manifest their gender identity, and this project showcases the uniqueness and expression of each participant.

I anticipate the finished results of this project, and I will be regularly checking back to watch for updates. I think that The Gender Photo Project is an artful effort to raise awareness of the vast assortment of gender expression in the world today, and I hope the project meets its goals in the coming months.

Below are a few examples of the photographs of The Gender Photo Project.

Denise, United States

Lady Brink, United States

Seo, Ukraine

For information on The Gender Photo Project, visit


One response to “The Gender Photo Project

  1. I find this project extremely interesting as well. It has caught my eye. I think that it is good how every photo is in the same light because it kind of gives the viewer the idea that these people arent extremely different. Every person in these photos is a human being that it just trying to be happy in their own skin. I like it.

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