Interesting Article about Muncie Hospital

I found this article and I wanted to share it with the class because I feel like it kind of hits close to home because Muncie is close to Bloomington and it shows that transgender issues are everywhere and I believe that it shows that the general public is still not educated about transgender rights.

                The article was regarding a transgender woman named Erin Vaught who claimed that she was discriminated against at Muncie’s Ball Memorial Hospital. The article however does not go into detail about what exactly the discrimination involved so I did some research and found that the hospital staff was very rude and demoralizing to Erin. Erin was admitted to the hospital because she was coughing up blood. The hospital staff were accused of referring to her very loudly as “IT” and mocking her as a He-She. Erin was made to wait for a doctor for hours and the hospital eventually was refused treatment because the hospital “did not know how to treat someone like her.”

                The hospital since has made a huge step towards making the hospital a friendly place towards all patients including transgender patients.  They have made attempts towards a long term plan to educate their staff on care that is specific to transition related care along with including LGBT issues in the hospitals diversity plans. The hospital has also made changes to internal policies that will eliminate unintentional barriers towards LGBT patients.

                A few agencies helped Erin Vaught through this terrible experience. These included The Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (INTRAA) and Indiana Equality (IE). Both of these organizations make it their mission to create and educate the public and protect gender expression. They have been working with Erin to make sure that this sort of discrimination does not occur again and they show their immense respect they have for Erin and her family for turning this awful situation into a positive solution that will help others receive the health care that they are entitled to.

                The article goes on to discuss the extremely positive response and great amount of support that Erin has gotten since the discrimination occurred. I think that this response is awesome and shows that there is absolutely no reason for this discrimination to take place. I truly hope that other hospitals around the country and even the world follow the example set by the Muncie Ball Hospital and learn from their mistakes. I believe that this is possible through the education of hospital staff and employees.

                I feel like this is a good example of how transgender issues can affect anyone anywhere. People need to be educated especially in jobs that offer service to the public. The fact that this has gotten such a positive response in a small town such as Muncie shows that America believes that this is a big deal also. I feel that the changes in Muncie will lead to changes in other hospitals and lead to more  changes in transgender policies to better the quality of service for all patients.


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