“Les Travestis pleurent aussi”

The film we watched in class was an interesting way to see the lives of trans people doing sex work in France. There is one scene I want to shed light on mostly, and it deals with health of trans people. One of the girls comments that the lives of her friends will most likely end up sadly, because trans people usually die of cancer or aids, because of the plastic surgery or while at work. There is a stark contrast in attitude at the beginning of the film, where all the girls promote their lifestyle. However, in one particular scene, there is a confession of wanting to stop being a whore just to get by. In this scene, he admits that it may be the price that trans people have to face, for going against nature.

I have found a useful website for individuals unfamiliar with gender reassignment. This website is very basic, but gives essential facts for understanding the gist of the procedure.


The whole concept of the film was to be proud of their lives and who they were. Mostly, everyone was. However, by the end, there was a sense of regret on the part of at least the girl who said that there is usually a sad ending for trans people. She thinks that most trans people will die alone, without ever finding love. The point I am wish to make is that life does not have to be all about being sexual. Though the general thought on the streets does seem to be that sex work is the route for trans people, it does not have to be that way. It just doesn’t. If these individuals quit high school so getting a job is impossible, there are other solutions. I can’t quite empathize, because I have never been there, done what they have to do, but for me… that would be an unrewarding life from the start. I would rather be trapped inside a false body than put myself on the streets, selling my body.

In order to get the word out that sex work is harmful, I have turned to bring up a rally video from the wonderful Annie Lennox.

In closing, I thought it was an interesting thing the producers did by making the life seem fulfilling at the beginning. Then, by the end, we see how their paths are really taking at toll on them. I don’t think that sex work should be endorsed in any form, so I appreciate that they added in commentary about how their lives truly affected them.


One response to ““Les Travestis pleurent aussi”

  1. sarahelizabethhughes

    I really like your outlook on the film because I felt the same way during specific scenes, the link about GRS helped my research paper as well šŸ™‚

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