The New Scrabble Champ

Mikki Nicholson of the UK took home a beautiful trophy last month after a heated match with the multi-time Scrabble champion she was seated across. Nicholson wore a pink wig, a PVC dress, and a grin as she trounced her competitor with the word “obeisant,” which surprisingly enough, means a movement of the body made in submission. Not this time!

Nicholson, 33, managed to beat Mark Nyman, the resident winner who is also Britain’s only resident to have also won the world cup in Scrabble. Hilariously enough, one of the words that helped her clinch the victory was help from the word “nads,” which eventually led to her playing of the final word that afforded her the victory, beating the other competitor by 16 points.

There were quotes made about how this could be a funny and seemingly silly way to kind of blow the glass ceiling off such a sleepy game. I just thought this would be a seemingly silly and cute update amidst some of the less uplifting news stories.

Nicholson is using her prize money to head to Malaysia for the world championship this month.


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