http://www.fearlesscampustour.org/Home.htmlJeff Shing has a mission. He has a mission to openly and uncritically out high school and college gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered individuals. His website called, “Fearless,” (above) demonstrates his craft. The first four images on the site are striking. They are all confident, fearless, teens and college kids. This is an image rarely seen in the context of “outing.”

Recently, the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban has been raised in congress. Sheng also has done work for this goal. In this project, there are individuals in the army who are allowing their bodies to be filmed, showing their gayness, lesbianess, or the transness. But the catch? They aren’t showing their faces. They want to remain unidentified so that they don’t lose everything they have worked for by being kicked out of the armed forces.


The project was exhibited last week in Washington at the Human Rights Conference. Unfortunately, and quite frankly, unsurprisingly, the Supreme Court the suspension on the ban. But if artists are constantly on the rise for emerging with highly controversial pieces, it will get the attention of many.

Here is a clip from my sister’s favorite show, “The L Word.” Come on, you know you’re guilty of watching and ENJOYING the drama within their twisted little webs of love and lust and lies, and.. I’m off the point. Here, Tasha is confronted with a situation faced by many of our women and men in the military. Tasha is an upstanding soldier, but because of her choice of partner, faces military ban.

These are issues that transgendered individuals face everyday. Sheng’s project is a campaign to spread awareness on heterosexually dominated fields, by spreading the word to coaches and the fans. His projects are aimed to help the cause and in time, we will see justice for all of our fellow gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered friends.


One response to “Fearless

  1. Like I explained in a previous comment the discrimination see in the military regarding the GLBT community is horrifying and rather shocking in such a “progressive” society. I think this site is one step in the right direction for the community but many other measures will need to be taken before complete acceptance will occur.

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