Amuhles, signing off.

There is one more week of classes left at several universities across the United States. This typically means that students are dedicating their life to finally cramming for that test they never had a chance to study for or staying up into the wee hours of the morning to finish their term paper on deadline.

So what do I find myself doing this last week? Yep, I am finishing up my last blog for G205: Transgender Bodies Across the Globe. I thought in this highly stressful time  created to allow students to “reflect” on what they’ve  learned that I will do just that, for the first time in my college experience.

When I first began class I was highly uneducated on what it meant to be transgendered. I had never been able to distinguish between the terms transgender, transsexual, or transvestite, and I thought of gender confusion as something that was only found in Western societies.

In the short time I have been in class I have learned the difference between those terms but more importantly I have learned that classifying people into narrow categories, or categories in general is useless. We are all different and everyone has special characteristics which are different from the “norms” that societies establish. I was able to learn about other cultures  that have “gender non-normative” and “third gender” individuals proving that throughout the world there are people who “rebel” against popular normative notions of societies gender categories.

Over the past 16 weeks I have been able to gain insight that has helped me to accept people as they are, regardless of what gender they identify with. This virtue, more than anything else I learned, will remain with me forever.

I think this blog has been very beneficial in helping me to write down and understand my own thoughts of how I view those different from myself as well as to investigate current events and issues going on in the world regarding the transgender community.

I look forward to continuing my knowledge in this field of study as more research essays are published.


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