Transgender Woman Arrested for using Women’s Bathroom

A transgender woman in Houston Texas made headlines in November when she was arrested for using the women’s restroom. This woman’s name was Tyjanae Moore and she says that she uses the women’s restroom because she feels like she is the safest there.  After reading this article and thinking the subject over I agree with that argument and feel that she had a right to use the women’s restroom.

The Mayor of Houston passed an ordinance earlier in the year that stated that people could not discriminate on people based on their gender identity. People are arguing that this is not a valid argument in this case because Moore has not had a surgical sex change operation.  This does not make any sense to me because she lives as a women at all times and I believe that it would be more problematic for her and others if she used the men’s restroom.

The article that I am posting had a video attached to it that readers could watch. I felt like this gave the viewers a better understanding of what Moore has to deal with on a daily basis. She discussed that previously she has tried to use the men’s restroom and she was actually followed into the bathroom and out of it. This would be very scary to deal with every time you had to use the restroom and I can understand why she said she only felt safe in the women’s restroom.

I feel that the article was very understanding; the video that was attached to it had some very liberal speakers on it saying that they felt that no law had been broken by Moore. The entire article used the feminine pronoun which I found very accepting and showed that they were knowledgeable on the subject and made an effort not to be offensive.

Some people strongly believe that she deserved to be arrested and most of the people that feel this way are conservative pastors. One man in the video said that he felt that whatever part that someone has should be the restroom that they have to use. But my question is why is it anyone’s business what part anyone has? I feel that the gender that someone identifies with on a daily basis should is the gender that the person is.

I think that the argument that people should have to have had a surgical sex change to use the corresponding restroom is ridiculous. I believe that this law is simply trying to group people into categories that they can judge them for. It really bothers me that people are still so caught up about little things such as gender and that they are so closed minded that they only think that their opinion is legitimate and that everyone else is wrong. Basically what I have been trying to say is that I thought that the topic of this article showed that we needed to work on accepting everyone even if they are different because we do not want anyone to feel that they are not welcome to be themselves.


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