Transgender Woman Gets Hate Mail After Visiting DMV

A transgender woman in San Francisco recently went to the DMV to register her sex change from male to female. Everything was fine until she received mail in the following days telling her how homosexuality was a sin or rather “an abomination that leads to hell.” It turns out the letter came from the person who helped her at the DMV. He also suggested she go to a church website for help and to “find salvation.” She was also sent a package with a DVD and a pamphlet from the fundamentalist church. The pamphlet was about being possessed by demons. The trans woman, Amber Yust, stated, “[It’s] scary that someone who’s part of a government agency is able to take my personal information and get in touch with me,” Yust told the Chronicle. “I don’t think anyone could feel safe going to a DMV where they knew someone like that was working.”

That very employee did the same thing in 2009. He refused to help a transgender woman with her name-change application and reportedly told the woman “God will send you to hell.” The only thing the DMV did after this incident was give the employees training about the law in California that prohibits discrimination based on sexual identity. Obviously this training wasn’t good enough because that employee discriminated again a year later. In my opinion, he should have been fired after the first incident. Amber Yust’s lawyer, Christopher Dolan stated, “they left him in a position where he could harm people. Yust is filing a claim against the DMV and plans on a lawsuit.

Not only did this man violate her right to privacy but he also made government agencies everywhere look bad. He should have been fired after the first incident but he was still employed after openly discriminating and forcing his religious views on someone. It’s also ridiculous that this church assumed that because this woman was transgendered, she was possessed by demons. It’s highly embarrassing for a San Francisco government agency to continue to employ this person. The article didn’t say, but I wonder if he is still working at that DMV. I honestly hope not.

NBC Article


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