New Life, New Voice

When a person is going through the gender reassignment process, they must undergo many changes. Some of these changes include reassignment surgery, facial reconstruction, and taking hormones to increase the process and help create the wanted gender. A recent article from the Canadian Press discussed how one of the important things that is often left out from the process is undergoing a voice change. A person’s voice is something that identifies them. It makes them a part of humanity and enables people to know who they are. This article discusses how a gender variant individual, who had already spent a mass amount of money on surgery was still thought of as a man because of her voice when answering the phone. This displeased her so she decided to do something about it.

A voice is something that seals the deal on who someone is, yet it is something that is hard to change. This woman, Nicole Hatch went to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro “took eight classes that were used to reassign her voice.” According to Nicole, her voice sounds nearly 50% closer to being like that of a woman. I found this to be quite interesting because even after this semester, I never thought of a voice not changing when hormones were taken or the reassignment surgery took place.

The  University teaches about eight transgender people each semester, which to me is a great step in moving forward with acceptance of those whom are different. They learned how men and women vary in their communication and body language. Women tend to use their hands and facial expressions more so than men and women use a sense of detail and adjectives when describing something or the location of something.

This article not only discussed the speech treatment, but also discussed how even though there are some transgender people who receive gender reassignment surgery, not all do. A person who is transgender has to make the decision in which they want to completely change their body to be the way they want it, including if they can afford it, or if they want to stay the same and just live the life they want to live. Either way, it is up to the individual to make that decision.

For a University to have such a program, I think is quite encouraging. It allows members whom identify as transgender to have a sense of self worth in knowing that people care and truly want to help them. I believe that everyone should get a chance to receive the same treatment as everyone else and this proves that it is true. It becomes increasingly difficult for transgender people to live the life they want because of citizenship rights and liberties, and if they eventually want to have gender reassignment surgery, they are required to pay ghastly amounts of money, many of which do not have. I like the idea of a speech programs because it helps people fully understand and experience the life that they have always wanted.

Transgender Voice Help


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