Alexandra Reyes:Coming to America

Alexandra Reyes story is one of a more depressing light. Alexandra Reyes came to the United States (and was found to be an illegal immigrant) to escape the torment and ridicule that was seen by her family and community in Mexico.Living in Mexico, Reyes was born male and first began to identify herself as female at the age of eight. She even goes on to discuss the abuse that she received by her father when she was seen wearing her sisters clothes. We find that for many families, having this subject brought up can be uncomfortable, let alone their child identifying themselves this way. To many people it is an unacceptable way of living and they simply will not tolerate it. This seemed to be the problem for Reyes because she tried telling the police about the abuse she was receiving at home and they refused to help her.

Her escape: coming to the United States in search of a new life. With the immigration her came her problem; a friend refused to pay her cab fair. When she could not pay, the cab company went to the police and reported it. She then went back to try and pay for it, but it was too late because she was then caught for illegal immigration. She was granted asylum in the United States as being seen as a refugee and having received unfair treatment and abuse from her home.

These cases of being granted asylum are not seen very often so for Reyes to get it, can be seen as a positive step forward for those who are transgender and wanting to immigrate here. Mexico, being along the boarder of the United States, makes it easier to travel here, but being granted citizenship can become quite difficult especially not being able to provide identification that matches, as in amny cases for gender variant individuals.This has become a problem for those who are simply looking to travel because they will often face scrutiny, or not even have the privilege of being able to travel.

Gender variant individuals find that they have yet to receive many of the rights those who are not gender variant have. They must overcome many obstacles that most people would not even expect to have to do such as getting granted a visa after applying often many times, trying to get a new means of identification, and working to get a passport that allows a person to travel all over the world with the identity they prefer and not the one they were assigned to at birth. Alexandra Reyes is only one of the many that are looking to leave their unstable and unacceptable lives. She has proven, that though the possibility is slim, it can happen.

Alexandra Reyes Article


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