During the last class, Aren asked us what we have learned this semester. I think it is less of a question of what I have learned or unlearned, but a question of exposure. I was unaware of certain cultural traditions, figures, and societies reaction to them until this class. For example, two-spirit people was simply a term I had heard before, and didn’t have any relevance. I didn’t realize the vast number of trans immigrants, nor their often end profession. All I had was terminology, without being able to directly reference particular cultural aspects that play into them.

One of the best things about this class were the films that we watched. There were many that I had never even heard of, and it was great because viewers became personally involved and passionate about the films. There was a great amount of incorporation of films into the class, and there was a film to watch during each segment. Sometimes they were directly related to the readings, sometimes they were just of a similar subject matter. Either way, it is good to visualize a different culture and lifestyle, as opposed to just reading about it.




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