Transgender Brawl

Transgender Brawl Video

Throughout history and most recently, America has experienced an increasingly high number of hate crimes. The victims often include those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. In a recent story, a transgender woman experienced some hatred while doing a simple daily activity of shopping. The United States has become famous for he biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. On this day we find that millions of people wait outside of stores until they open at the earliest hours of the morning pushing and shoving to be at the front of the line in order to receive or take part in the best deals they can get.

A woman who was previously a man but underwent the transformation process and identifies as transgender, experienced something that shows unjust behavior by representative of the United States. In Jackson, Tennessee a transgender woman and her mother got into a verbal fight with some of the other shoppers at Khols Department store. The woman was attacked and lost three teeth and found that the oral damage is worth nearly $8,000. When the police arrived, they first saw a woman and then asked for identification and spoke to her finding that she was transgender. When they found this, she claims that they were not treating her as fairly and were making it difficult for her to be able to press charges. The police officials were not the only ones who were treating her unfairly. There were also problems with the employees at Khols whom were rude and trying to decide whether to call her he, she, or it. Since there was lack of evidence, the police closed the case and dropped any charges that may have been filed even though this woman was left bloody and three teeth short.

She says that the police have since treated her better but having injustice at the beginning shows that the police and staff were not very accepting of the customer’s difference and that the case was not closed because of her gender but for merely lack of evidence. It becomes fully aware to the public that hate crimes are increasingly problematic, yet no one does anything about it. People need to learn to be accepting of other and realize that not everyone is the same, which is a good thing. Transgender people often find themselves dealing with a great deal of discrimination because of who they are. They may not have the proper means of identification to prove themselves which makes it harder for people to understand where they are coming from. Though this woman was not killed, she was still injured and we need to remember her story and the stories of those who were tortured and murdered on account of who they are and how they go about living their lives.


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