Politics of Location

Politics of Location


Unlike most of the people in the class, I grew up in this area and haven’t known much else. I went to elementary school on the west side of Bloomington, and went to Jr. High and High School in Ellettsville. Ellettsville is right outside of Bloomington, and it is ridiculously small and rural. There is a lot of farmland and even more backwoods barely traveled roads. Pastimes at my High School consisted of spending time on a 4-wheeler, having bonfires and campouts in the middle of nowhere and cow pastures, and spending time with the same group of friends that an individual has had since elementary. Needless to say, most of the typical small town stereotypes regarding culture are true. MOSTLY. I still live very close to Bloomington, and though day to day culture is zilch, it was just within a 15 minute drive.

A lot of people I have come across over the years think of Bloomington as a cultural hub of a sort. Because of the campus, this is true in many ways. For example, there are few Southern Indiana towns that have PRIDE events, a compilation of exotic cuisines, and small town charm all at once. The campus is beautiful and historic, and an array of individuals comes here for school. A lot of them stay. Thus resulting in a community base that is as different and multi-cultural as 4th street eateries.

The culture is varied here, however, I have never been exposed to a great amount of a trans community.  This is not necessarily due to the fact that it does not to exist, just due to my lack of exposure to that part of the community. When we learn about different locations and the amount of transvariant people within them, it seems like the proportion in the community is great. However, the depictions we see in class are close studies of these cultures, and might be a misrepresentation of the population comparison. Perhaps, my lack of exposure is due to my personal involvement(or lack there of) with campus and community events, but part of it could be due to the small amount of trans community.

The basic point that I am trying to get to is that involvement in a culture and amount of culture are in direct relation to each other. If a film crew is devoted to a particular subject matter, it might give a varied sense of what the community and culture as a whole. That is how Bloomington is. If you are directly involved with a  subject, you’re exposure to that subject is high-but not necessarily a view of the entire location as a whole.


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