NHS survey

In 2007, web based surveys were commissioned for individuals who were involved with transgender services. In 2006, it became evident that there was considerable unhappiness with some of the services provided by NHS, during a seminar for commissioners. The study was aimed to reach patients and service users all around the UK. Every participating individual filled out a standard survey, and from then there was a subsequent survey was gender specific. It was decided that the survey would become more successful if there was an online survey, as well as a paper form. The survey was open to all trans people, no matter the stage of transition or treatment that they were in. The survey ran for six months. There were almost 200 participants online within the first 24 hrs. Most of the questions were quantative, with the capability to be read and answered qualitatively. A large majority of the respondents already thought of themselves as trans before they thought professional help to aide during the transition and many already had an idea of the type of treatment that desired. Also, many of respondents were unsure, and of those most expressed feelings of confusion, depression, turmoil, and suicidal feelings. The survey studied demographics including: age, ethnic origin, trans men or trans women. The study also focused on geographic region, distance travelled to seek treatment, time from referral to first appointment, initial assessments, and their experience with the GP, experiences of surgery, overall experience, etc. The end result of the surgery did not raise any new concerns, rather confirmed previous accounts. The results will enable improvements and have healthcare providers to work on the problem areas. Thus, the survey proved useful and successful.


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