Your grade will be based on your performance, meeting assignment deadlines, regular and prompt attendance and class participation. The grade breakdown is as follows:

In class attendance and participation                            10%                                           Online weblog entries                                                        30%                                 Midterm take-home exam                                                35%                                      Final staged research essay                                              35%

Attendance and participation                                                            10% An attendance roster will be taken for each class. 5% of this mark is for in class participation: asking questions, offering your opinion or a discussion point, responding when I ask questions etc.

Online Weblog Entries                                                                        30% G205 has a class weblog, The weblog is for us to share our thoughts, ideas and responses to the course materials and also to share links we find to other sites on the topic.

Requirements: Each student will write at least 10 weblog posts across the semester, at a minimum of 500 words each. Each student needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • at least two blog posts discussing a weekly reading
  • one post reviewing a film screened in class
  • at least two posts sharing links to websites that are relevant: for example, a link to a news story about transgender immigration etc. along with an analysis of the article, website or information
  • at least one post researching gender variant life in a particular location with links to the sites you used to do research
  • at least one post discussing the politics of location: i.e. how does our geographical location in Bloomington affect our capacity to know about trans and gender variant people in other parts of the world? (Don’t worry, we’ll discuss what I mean by “the politics of location” in Week 3.)

Extras: 5% of this grade will be awarded for your interaction with classmates via the weblog: i.e. commenting on posts, building a response to other people’s posts into your own posts, etc. You can also contribute to the links section – we will learn how to do this in class.

Deadlines: I will sign you all up for posts on weekly readings and films so we have an equal distribution of posts each week. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to make sure your posts are published. I will post the grades for the first weeks of blog posts online on Thursday October 7, so you can get an idea of your standard before the midterm is due. In order to obtain your midterm grade, you will need to write and upload at least five weblog posts to the website before Tuesday 19 October.

Grading: Because these will be posted on a public website, you are expected to think carefully about what you write in this assignment. Weblogs by their nature are usually less formal and less polished than academic papers. I encourage you to use the weblog posts to express your personal responses to the course material and to “workshop” ideas, ask questions of myself and your classmates, and generally have some fun. However, I also want you to write in coherent sentences, and I encourage you to use the built-in spell-checker on WordPress before posting.

Weblogs will be graded on the following criteria:

  • the quality of the research and your ability to find interesting links to discuss and support your ideas;
  • your engagement with ideas discussed in class;
  • references to relevant articles and chapters from the required readings.
  • clear writing, spelling and grammar;
  • lively debate, willingness to ask questions and to challenge your own assumptions.

Technical requirements: You will need computer access for this. I will run a WordPress workshop in class in Week Two, in which we will also set up our user accounts, passwords etc. If you have a laptop or notebook computer, please bring it to class on Thursday September 9. I will be available during office hours and some times outside that to help with individual technical troubles.

Midterm take-home exam                                                                        35% Due Thursday October 14 The midterm exam will cover materials from weekly readings and in-class discussions. This will be a take-home exam to be typed and printed out with references and a bibliography. The exam paper will be handed out in class on Tuesday October 5 and will be due at 5pm sharp on Thursday October 14.

Final staged research essay                                                                        35%

Due Tuesday December 7

The final assignment is a staged research essay on a topic that you choose. Students will choose a research question (to be approved by me), submit a research bibliography, submit an essay plan and finally submit the essay. The final essay will be 8 pages, plus a bibliography. Grading will be based on a percentage for each stage: the research question, bibliography, plan and final essay. You will receive more information about this in class.


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