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Special issue of SJSC on trans issues and the law

Here’s a really amazing collection of articles on trans law, rights and politics. It will be very useful for any of you writing on the USA for your final papers, and is worth reading for everyone. Also, the pdfs are free to download. Go crazy!

Seattle Journal of Social Justice Vol 8, Issue 2: Transgender Issues and the Law


Queen Raquela links

Everyone, I thought I’d find some more information about The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela. The film website is here.

According to reviews, the film is a blend of fact and fiction. Michael, that character we all hated, is played by the film’s co-producer. Here’s a VIllage Voice review of the movie: I think the reviewer is correct, that the film has some “third world trans” cliches, yet I find his devaluing of it on that basis (“just another film about a third world tranny”) incredibly offensive.

Here is another review by Naomi Fontanos, a Pinay (Philippines-based) trans woman and the Chair of STRAP, a trans advocacy organization in the Philippines.

And here is an interview with the director, Olaf De Fleur.


Something to think about…

More on the “It Gets Better” campaign — here is a post from someone who watched Dan Savage’s video, and responded to that. I have to say, my gut response was very similar: queer teens shouldn’t commit suicide because they can later have babies and go to Paris? WTF, Dan Savage!

Has anyone been looking at how many trans people post videos to “it Gets Better”?

(here is the original youtube video site.)

More on “genderlessness”

This comes from my home country of Australia. Norrie May-Welby lives in Sydney and identifies on their weblog as an “androgynous anarchist”. As you can see, I”m using gender-neutral pronouns to refer to Norrie, as they prefer. Earlier this year, Norrie made headlines by applying to a state-based Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for a certificate of identity that did not have any gender listed on it. This means that Norrie was officially recognized as genderless. Unfortunately for Norrie, the state government quickly responded that this government department didn’t have the power to issue birth certificates as neither male nor female. Norrie is now appealing the decision with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

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An article on gender neutral restrooms:

Having the option of a gender-neutral restroom would eliminate that dread of deciding which to choose. It would diminish the feeling of self-loathing that comes with choosing the women’s restroom. It would lessen the fear that maybe, just maybe, today will be the day that someone takes exception to the restroom I choose — I know that others have been assaulted or arrested just for using the restroom, and I can’t quite shake the fear that someday it will happen to me.