‘Discrimination? Certainly Not!’ Check this out!

I was working on a different blog and i came across this video. Although this is a forum for transgender issues specifically i felt this to be especially important and i have no doubt that people in the trans community would find this interesting. I also wanted to stimulate a discussion on this particular issue of illogical rationale about same-sex marriage. I do believe the banning of same-sex marriage to be illogical. The GLBTQ community does not want a contract in place of a marriage certificate. That is not the same as marriage. Getting married is different from having a civil union. And as human beings we are entitled to marriage. The constitution used to say a white man and a white woman can get married. After the Civil rights movement it changed to say: man and woman. The time has come to change it again.

There has been a lot of discussion over whether people of color should fight for gay rights. The reason for bringing this up is because a large amount of people are ignoring the campaign for same-sex marriage declaring: ‘its nothing to do with me’. It does affect everyone. You could have a dear gay friend and not know it. You could be sitting on the fence about a friends civil rights.

Lets not forget that the Gay rights movement started at the same time as the Civil rights movement and feminists and members of the GLBTQ community fought for Civil rights. The suffering might not be in as larger number as it was for people of color BUT as we have seen over the last few months, the number is becoming dangerously high. The GLBTQ community has been killed and discriminated against. They do fear for their lives when they walk down streets or go into certain stores or towns and even states. The degree may not match that of people of color but the same acts are being committed. Discrimination is discrimination. End of story. My rant is over enjoy the video:

Lets hear what you think? Check this website out (provider of this video)


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